What is Kapap

Kapap is a Unique combat doctrine kappa is the mother art of Krav Maga. Kapap system the combat is also  with knife, gun and rifle.  The emphasis is put on fighting empty handed against each of these weapons, and weapon against weapon. Kapap is suitable for all fighting fields and enables the warrior to overcome any kind of fighting and prepares him to almost any possible situation.


Kapap is neither a sport nor is it competitive; it is not a martial art either. Kapap is a great mean of self-defense.


The Kapap warrior is a fast, precise and lethal fighting machine. Kapap is made suitable to different levels of the learners: children, teenagers, adults, policemen, soldiers, security and armed forces personnel and bodyguards. Each group has to follow and master a specific syllabus.


A Kapap person is not a fighter (competitive fighter); he is a warrior (man of war) literally. He is prepared for any situation against any kind of weapon. He will know how to defend himself and his surroundings against any form of attack which puts him or his environment in danger. He will be able, shall the need come up, to operate different kinds of weapons and firearms. He will do so with excellent skill.


It was not until 1999 that Kapap started being taught in an organized manner in Israel and outside it. This happened after many years in which other kinds of combat styles ruled, such as: Krav maga”, karate and judo, instructed throughout the world mainly for the purpose of sports competitions. These martial arts lost their fighting effect and became soft in order to meet the needs of those competitions. Kapap came back in light of the terrible security situation and street crime which created the need for real self-defense techniques. Kapap instructors in Israel today train Israel Defense Forces units, different armed forces units such as the Yamam and Shabakas well as various elite units.A Kapap warrior knows he will never compete, never receive a medal or trophy when he overcomes an opponent. However, he will gain his life which is the true reward.




                         The Bible says:


  1.   "…teach the children of Judah the use of the bow…” (Samuel II,1:18)



  2.   "For by wise counselthou shalt makethy war…” (Proverbs, 24:6)


                 The existence of Kapap confirms these two verses.

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