Kapap Courses

1. Basic Kapap course

2. Practical Kapap course

3. Kapap instructors’ course

4. Unique women’s Kapap course

5. ‘Kubotan’ course (self defense key chain)

Basic Kapap course:

This course is designed for anyone who wants to acquire the skills of self defense and martial arts. The course is designed for men, women, teenagers and children. It provides self defense skills against potential threats one may encounter in every day life and is adapted to almost every place (street, house, and car).

Practical Kapap course:

The course is mainly designed for those who have learned and acquired some sort of self defense skills and are interested in advancing and perfecting these skills. This course will upgrade the trainee’s knowledge and abilities and will make his level of defense and fighting capabilities better and more effective. A course in this level is especially suited for security guards, VIP protective personnel, policemen and soldiers. The course includes practical gun shooting (over the age of 18)

Kapap instructor’s course:

This course is essentially designed for anyone who is interested in instructing Kapap in various settings.

The course is divided into three levels

Level A : basic level

Level B : advanced level

Level C : proficiency level

Level A :

This is the basic course, designed for black belt level of all fighting systems and styles. The emphasis in this course will be on Kapap unique style. Trainees will learn combat tactics and fighting techniques in different and ever-changing situations.

Level B :

This is the advanced level designed for those who have successfully passed level one and are over the age of 18. The emphasis in this course will be on advanced fighting conditions as well as the use of cold arms and practical gun shooting. Moreover, basics in VIP protection and military combat will be taught.

Level C :

This is the highest stage in the Kapap instructors’ course, and is designed only for those who have successfully passed training stages one and two. The emphasis in this stage is on the final refinement of the Kapap instructor. This stage focuses on the implementation of practical gun shooting, firearms shooting, operational driving, survival under desert conditions, field training and topography. This course will only take place in Israeli territory.

Clarification :

For the sake of comparison and in order to allow the public to estimate and evaluate the professional level and join one of the instructors’ courses:

Level A  is appropriate in level for Dan 1-3

Level B  is appropriate in level for Dan 3-5

Level C  is appropriate in level for Dan 5-8

All graduates will be given a certificate from the International Kapap Association.

Any club or organization wishing to become a member and represent the Kapap Association will be granted an international representation and recognition certificate.

Unique women’s course:

The Kapap women’s program is built from a wide variety of simple and effective self defense techniques which any woman can put to use in time of need. Kapap is a great and simple tool which enables women to successfully confront any physical threat anywhere. At work, on the street, in the house and in the car whether as a driver or passenger.

Kubotan course:

The Kubotan is a 13 cm long and 1 cm thick rod. It is mostly made out of a light metal, and on the edge of the rod there is a ring which is used as a key ring, thus giving the impression of a harmless key chain.

There are two variants: one with a slightly pointed edge, the other with a cut off edge. (Samples on this site’s store)

Defense or attacks instructed are performed by the Kubotan itself or the keys. Techniques of getting free from grips, strangling and back or front holding use the Kubotan. Kubotan training is dynamic, interesting and extremely enjoyable. The most important aspect of this training is that in a very short time, even a few lessons, the trainee shows self defense abilities.

The Kubotan has become a self defense instrument for hundreds of thousands around the world. Men and women all over are seen carrying Kubotan as key chains.

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