Who are we?

The International Kapap Association was founded in 1999 by the late Mr. Haviv Galisko together with his son and successor Mr. Moshe-Hai Galisko.

The center of the association is located in the city of Be’er Sheva, Israel.

The association is registered and its symbol/logo is protected under copyrights.

All members of The International Kapap Association are ex-military and armed forces personnel in Israel. The association provides training upon request and according to population (military/civilian).

The staff members hold senior functions and high degrees in various martial arts from different international organizations throughout the world. The association maintains a constant working contact with different martial arts associations and organizations worldwide.

The association holds trainings and seminars to various military units in the IDF, Kapap instructors’ courses and advanced studies in cold arms such as: knives, karmbit, clubs and kubotan. In firearms such as guns and rifles. It also holds operational driving courses, field training and rough terrain survival.

The association is an ardent supporter of women and distressed youth organizations and voluntarily holds closed seminars upon request.

The president of the association is Mr. Moshe Galisko who is following his father’s footsteps, the late Haviv Galisko founder of the association.

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